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To speak the truth, the vocaloids that I know can be count on the fingers of one hand.

Wait, are my english right Omg I’m not graduate the english but   I can cook while playing. Lol what? AHHAHA







Sando Man!


Artist: Patricia Masanga


Look at that booty~


That drawing was drawn few moooooooooooooooooonths ago and I really can’t remember where my reference is or where did I get my reference. The time that I saw the guy, which is my reference for this drawing I decided to make it like an anime character that was based on a real human. While I’m working on this drawing, that time I was sooooo happy because the time I finished the body part it turned out… Hmmm, well? But then after looking at the face part. Oh well, I think I failed. Mwahahhahah~ So I decided to… Yeah make his face disappear from this world MWAHAHHAHAHAH




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A Hand and Nature


An Art by Patricia Mae Masanga


“Human Spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man” -Unknown

Why is that, Humans keep on destroying our world and then will find a way to preserve it. Humans are fool. We were given the chance to be on the top of chain yet, we always act like a lowly being that the only thing we know is to destroy. We keep on asking why there is things such as ‘climate change’ or ‘Extinctions’. But did you ever thought of asking yourself why? Why those thing happened? Yes, We all know it is natural to have those things but, we  have very, very, very big contribution why those natural phenomena is getting worst as the time goes by.

So, Hey? Why don’t use our minds to think and hands to act. So in that way we can help not just the other beings or organisms but also our world, our beloved earth.


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Nature’s Miracle



Captured by: Minen Dela Cruz

Unexpected beauty begins with its natural appearance
This is one of the best picture I’ve taken, and I’m so happy that you guys, love the sunflower one. I appreciate the fact that some people view it and recognized that picture.
I keep on capturing this kind of pictures because I believe that the first beauty is our Mother Nature cause we all know even we are destroying our nature, its beauty never fails it is unbelievably beautiful and amazing.



Pictured by Marylene Dela Cruz

Sometimes all we need is nature to make us feel better.

“Deviation from nature is deviation from happiness” It is according to Samuel Johnson For who knows-the-reason-why, Nature really do have an effect in our emotions or mood. Maybe because of what-so-called ‘connection’? Our connection the our mother earth? Maybe, Because of it’s natural beauty? Or maybe it has this mysterious power to relax our soul.

People often take pictures of scenarios in our nature. Just like the photo above and below.


Beautiful, aren’t they?

Placeholder Image

Credits to the owner of the photo


What about you, Cravers? What is the reason, why nature can make us feel relaxed, comfortable and happy?







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Bursting Colors

Colors can lighten up our mood, can change our feelings and makes us happy. Colors can express our  emotion and aura. Sometimes it represents something special, things, moments, or signs. These colors symbolize our life. There are times the colors are gloomy, dark and lonely. Sometimes it’s so vibrant so colorful, full of lights very neon and pleasing to eyes. It’s just that COLORS are not just  “crayons” it is one of the most and very versatile thing in the world.