A Hand and Nature


An Art by Patricia Mae Masanga


“Human Spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man” -Unknown

Why is that, Humans keep on destroying our world and then will find a way to preserve it. Humans are fool. We were given the chance to be on the top of chain yet, we always act like a lowly being that the only thing we know is to destroy. We keep on asking why there is things such as ‘climate change’ or ‘Extinctions’. But did you ever thought of asking yourself why? Why those thing happened? Yes, We all know it is natural to have those things but, we  have very, very, very big contribution why those natural phenomena is getting worst as the time goes by.

So, Hey? Why don’t use our minds to think and hands to act. So in that way we can help not just the other beings or organisms but also our world, our beloved earth.


Hi Cravers! What can you say about that? Leave a comment and let us know! ❤


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