Sando Man!


Artist: Patricia Masanga


Look at that booty~


That drawing was drawn few moooooooooooooooooonths ago and I really can’t remember where my reference is or where did I get my reference. The time that I saw the guy, which is my reference for this drawing I decided to make it like an anime character that was based on a real human. While I’m working on this drawing, that time I was sooooo happy because the time I finished the body part it turned out… Hmmm, well? But then after looking at the face part. Oh well, I think I failed. Mwahahhahah~ So I decided to… Yeah make his face disappear from this world MWAHAHHAHAHAH




Hi Cravers! Whooooo likes booty~? HAHAHHAHA Kidding. Leave a comment and voice-out your opinion about the boo— Blog! HAHAHHAHA


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